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Virtual PT

GPT is now offering Virtual PT sessions as a convenient new way to access your physical therapist in the event you cannot attend an in-office visit. Our view is that an in-office appointment is always preferred, however, situations where a Virtual PT session might be helpful are listed below.

Consider a Virtual PT session if:

  • Fearful to attend an in-office visit due to health concerns (see GPT COVID-19 update page or CDC website for guidelines)
  • Wanting to primarily update or change your home exercise program
  • Wanting assistance with home office ergonomics
  • Issues attending because of lack of childcare
  • Lack of reliable or safe (think snow) transportation
  • Almost done with PT and would like to a final check-in prior to discharge
  • Pregnant or post-partum and it is inconvenient for you to leave the house
  • You are traveling for work but don’t want to get behind with your therapy
  • You live far away from the clinic and combination of in-office and virtual sessions could minimize travel
  • Early post-op and can’t travel due to pain meds or lack of transportation
  • Stuck at work and can’t physically make it into the office
  • It is simply too painful for you to make it into the office

Questions on this service? Please see our FAQ’s below, or email us at

Save time:

Information and forms to fill out prior to your appointment!

You can convert an in-office scheduled PT session to a virtual session at any time!

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        Virtual PT FAQs

        Yes, we will bill your claim just like an in-office session, with any co-pay, deductible, or co-insurance continuing to apply.  We will submit your claim as instructed by your insurance company. Our in-office financial agreement continues to apply to all Virtual PT sessions.

        Our primary goal with offering this service is to provide safe and easy options for you to access your physical therapist should you not feel comfortable with an in-person visit, are under the weather, or are unable to attend in person for any reason. It can also better help us understand your home office setup, ergonomics with completing chores, childcare, etc., as well as be an alternative to in-person care if progression of your home exercise program is needed.

        The answer depends on the reason you are seeking therapy and whether or not you are at increased risk (due to COVID-19 outbreak) by coming in for an in-office visit. GPT has put together guidelines to help you make the best decision for you. If you would like further guidance, please contact your PT directly by email, and they will be able to advise.

        You should consider an in-office PT appointment if you are/have:

        • Recently had surgery and are needing post-operative rehabilitation
        • Had your surgery or imaging delayed
        • An acute injury which may worsen without care
        • In need of PT to prevent a detriment to your health, safety, or ability to perform essential daily tasks
        • Are unable to manage symptoms with your home exercise program
        • Primarily attend therapy for the hands on aspect of treatment
        • Range of motion or mobility restrictions that risk detriment to mobility without hands on treatment
        • In need of vestibular rehab (treatment for dizziness and vertigo)
        • Need assistance with pain and swelling
        • Have no risk factors and not fearful of attending an in-office visit

        You should consider a Virtual PT appointment if you are/have:

        • Cold, Flu, or COVID-19 like symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath)
        • Wanting to primarily update or change your home program
        • Transitioning to return to recreational activities
        • Wanting assistance with work from home ergonomics
        • Issues attending because of child care
        • A lack of reliable or safe transportation
        • Almost done with PT and would like a final check in prior to discharge
        • Fearful of an in-office visit

        No, we purposely choose a patient friendly platform ( All you need is a working webcam and microphone (most laptops have these) and you will be emailed a link that will bring you to your provider’s virtual waiting room.