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On The Job Injury

Workers’ Comp Physical Therapy Seattle

Work injuries can include strains, sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, overuse injuries, tendonitis, and acute injuries. Overuse injuries can commonly occur from repetitive movements performed while on the job. Our physical therapists are skilled in the rehabilitation treatment for these types of injuries. With their knowledge base and hands-on skills, they have the tools to help you meet your rehab goals.

Over the years, our therapists have developed an expert knowledge of workers comp physical therapy and work with our clients to help facilitate a successful return to work. In many ways, injured workers are similar to injured athletes. Here’s what our job injury rehab clients can expect…

Work Injury Rehab

At your first appointment, your physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation based on your history and current presentation. We will work closely with your referring medical provider to ensure that your rehab progresses as smoothly as possible. Treatments for your injury may include modalities such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound, manual therapy techniques, strengthening exercises, movement analysis, and ergonomic assessments and education.

We have evening and weekend hours to make scheduling as convenient as possible for you. Prompt treatment for a job injury can reduce lost time on the job, need for workers’ comp and improve your rehab outcomes.

Our business manager and office staff are familiar with workers’ comp / L&I claims and can assist you with your case should you have any questions. Our therapists will work closely with your doctor to make sure your recovery is on track and proceeding as anticipated.