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Visceral Manipulation

Physical Therapy for Your Organs

Visceral manipulation is a technique focusing on gentle mobilization of internal organs and their fascial connections to promote smooth movement between the organs and structures that are associated with these organs in the body.

Viscera are the soft internal organs of the body. Examples are the liver, bladder, kidneys, and reproductive organs. These organs have a natural rhythm and motion and are intended to move in harmony with each other. When organs are out of synchronicity with other organs and tissues, it not only affects the optimal performance of the organ itself, but it also affects the surrounding tissue that is connected to the organ through the fascial system. This can lead to pain in areas far from the area in the body where the organ lies.

By using visceral manipulation, our physical therapists can improve mobility of the fascial connective tissue to help improve organ mobility and function. This can result in decreased pain in areas of the body affected by the organ and promote the body’s natural healing process.