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Spinal Injuries

Spinal Cord Stimulation & Spinal Cord Injury Therapy Seattle

The chance of having back pain at some point in your life is now estimated at 60-84%.  Most back pain is considered “non-specific”, meaning it cannot be traced back to any one spinal cause.

For this reason, it is important to have access to a number of different treatment approaches when it comes to treating back pain. At our physical therapy clinic, we have physical therapists skilled in a number of different treatment approaches for back pain and spinal cord injuries.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain:


Typically this approach uses hands on techniques for spinal mobilizations and manipulations, soft tissue mobilization, as well as range of motion exercises.


Treatment with this approach focuses on strengthening for the core muscles and retraining their coordination. Targeted muscles include the transverse abdominus (TA) and the multifidi, as well as generalized trunk strengthening.

Specific Exercise

Treatment for this category involves exercises and/or manual techniques focused on alleviating radiating symptoms. McKenzie exercises are one example of this type of technique.


This approach utilizes manual or mechanical traction to address back pain symptoms and alleviate conditions that stem from spinal cord injury.

Pilates-Based Rehab

Pilates incorporates specific core strengthening exercises, which are typically performed on a mat or reformer, to improve back strength and function. This approach can sometimes be helpful when other more traditional approaches have not fully resolved your symptoms.