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personal trainer setting up blood flow restriction therapy for patient

Stop that Blood Flow! Blood Flow Restriction Therapy and how it can help you.

History You may have heard of a recently popular rehab technique called Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR), and thought it sounded like a strange concept. Simply put, BFR is a technique which blocks blow flow in and out of the arm or leg via a cuff set to a specific pressure (Cognetti 2022). When paired […]

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woman holding sore jaw

Pain in the Jaw – How Can Physical Therapy Help?

Get to know your TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint): About 12% of people in the US experience TMJ problems at some point in their lives TMJ issues are reported in women 9x more than in men The TMJ is used more frequently (3,000 times/day!) than any other joint in the body and is active with talking, swallowing, […]

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man using physical therapy equipment

Rock Climbing: Upper Body Injury Prevention

For many of us, our days are spent sitting in front of a computer screen. We all know that exercising is important, but many forms are repetitive and unstimulating. For these reasons and more, many people are getting into rock climbing. With its community-based environment and puzzle-like routes (called “problems”), climbing provides a workout disguised […]

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Keep Moving (While Sheltering in Place)

So COVID-19 is here. You’ve been trying to work from your couch for the past several weeks. You’re suddenly fondly missing your office chair and it’s ergonomic curves. But the end of the lockdown isn’t in sight so you’re looking at somewhere in the ballpark of 4 to 4,000 more weeks of couch working. So […]

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Help! I Have Osteoarthritis

Let’s talk about osteoarthritis. But first let’s talk about joints. There are several different kinds of joints in the body and synovial joints are the most common type. The structure of a synovial joint goes like this: The ends of the two bones are covered with very smooth cartilage. This cartilage provides a cushion to […]

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Golf Fitness: What it is and why it can keep you playing longer!

In recent years, fitness has become a hot topic in the golf world. Tiger Woods first introduced the idea of optimizing performance through fitness early on in his career. Now all the top players put a priority on how their body is performing in order to compete at the highest level. But golf fitness is […]

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