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Yes! Our massage therapy team works closely with our physical therapists to get the best outcomes for our clients. Because our massage therapists are in high demand, our massage therapy services are reserved exclusively for our PT clients. Our office policy requires that a current referral for massage therapy be on file.

Yes we do, however, we do not make splints. We would happy to set you up with a complimentary 15-minute free consult with a clinical supervisor to see if your condition is appropriate for treatment at our office.

We have physical therapists here who specialize in foot and ankle conditions and are able to assess and treat lower extremity biomechanical issues. If you are looking exclusively for orthotics, we would be happy to refer you to an outside practitioner who can provide them.

Yes, we have physical therapists on staff with specialized training in Women’s Health. They can treat pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse, diastasis, and a variety of other pregnancy and post-partum conditions.

You are with your therapist one on one for 45-50 minutes. For your first visit, your therapist will do a thorough evaluation of your injury, discuss your concerns, goals, prognosis, and recommended treatment plan, in addition to beginning your treatment. Subsequent visits may include manual therapy, the development of an exercise program, patient education, and application of modalities to assist you toward your goals.

Yes. Your treatment and conversations with the therapist will be private. The treatment rooms are large enough for simple exercises, and there is also an open gym area in each clinic for any exercises that require additional space or specialized equipment.

Let your therapist know of your concerns so that you two can work out a treatment plan that will work for you.

We can schedule a free 15-minute consult with one of our therapists to discuss your situation and see if you may benefit from physical therapy.

We do if it is an orthopedic problem such as post-surgical, mechanical, or back/knee related pain. We generally can treat children ages 8 and up. If it is a neurological problem, such as cerebral palsy, and outside provider such as Children’s Hospital would be able to accommodate this better than our clinic.

Insurance Questions

Yes, your treatment will be provided by a licensed PT and is part of a comprehensive treatment plan, so we can bill your insurance if your loss of function was due to illness or injury and you are continuing to make progress toward your functional goals.

We do not accept 3rd party claims. We can bill your private insurance, or you can pay us directly and be reimbursed from any settlement at a later date.

We are not contracted (opted-out) with Medicare thus legally cannot provide treatment if you have this insurance, even if you want to pay privately. Social Security Act (42 USC 1395) sets forth the circumstances under which a “Physician” or “Practitioner” can “opt-out” of the Medicare program and see Medicare beneficiaries as private pay patients.  Section 1395x(r) of that Act defines “Physician” and Section 1395u(b)(18)(c) defines “Practitioner,” and neither of those definitions include Private Practice Physical Therapists at this time (although APTA is working on this issue.)

We are contracted with Kaiser plans that are administered through First Choice. We can see all PPO plans except Elect PPO, which only pays in-network rates for providers within the Kaiser system. We are not contracted with Kaiser “core” plans, which require you to use only Kaiser providers.

Yes, we do take United Health Care Insurance. However, because of the length of our treatment times, the skill level of our therapists, and the specialty services we offer, we are unable to sustain a contract with them. This means you may owe a slightly higher percentage than if we were considered in network. We would be happy to compare your in- and out-of-network benefits for you.

If we are contracted with both of your insurance companies, we can bill them both and you will receive a statement for any remaining balance after both insurances have processed at least one claim. If we are unable to bill your primary insurance because we are not contracted, we may not be able to bill your secondary insurance either. Feel free to contact our office staff at either clinic for more information.

Absolutely. We can call your insurance to see if one is required. If your insurance requires a prescription, then we can refer to one of the doctors that we work with if you don’t have a provider you prefer. We do however require a prescription for massage therapy services.

Your patient responsibility will depend on the services provided, the contract rate we have in place with your insurance company, your deductible, co-insurance, and or co-pay outlined by your insurance plan. Please call our office if you would like us to check your benefits for you and to provide you with a cost estimate.