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Pediatric Rehab

Pediatric Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Seattle

Pediatric and adolescent aged athletes account for a significant number of musculoskeletal problems requiring diagnosis and treatment by generalists, orthopedic specialists, and physical therapists in the medical community.  This population has unique risks and injuries when contrasted with an adult population.

Can my child come to GPT and why is GPT uniquely qualified to treat my child?

The physical therapists at GPT focus primarily on orthopedics. This includes sprains, strains, ACL or other ligamentous injury, post-operative care, and sport injuries. Because our offices are in the middle of vibrant Seattle neighborhoods, we tend to see many families with elementary, middle, and high school aged students recovering from sports injuries. We generally see children 8 years or older.

Because of the unique risks and injuries that the pediatric population brings, we have staff therapists who have received certification in vestibular and concussion management.  We use established protocols which assist us in providing feedback to you and your child’s physician with regards to return to sport recommendations.