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“I have been going to GPT almost since it opened. I have worked with Mike and company on a number of issues over the years and have consistently received excellent treatment. They are highly trained, excellent communicators, and they genuinely care. I write these words with feeling, because I have gone to places where I could endorse none of those traits. They have addressed each injury until it was resolved, and always with sincere support and good humor. In addition to their work with me at the clinic, I owe them special thanks for more than once going far out of their way to help me when I had needs outside of their expertise. Each time they responded rapidly, often on their own time, they found the best resource available, and they didn’t make a dime from their effort.
Because of the culture of excellence at GPT I would entrust myself with confidence to any of the PTs there. Consistent with the PT staff, the office staff is outstanding. They talk to you, not the computer, they are friendly, professional, and they make sure that scheduling and billing go without a hitch.”

- P.L., Professor
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“Everybody in the clinic was friendly yet relaxed (not phony). Jasmine was incredible. She made me feel very comfortable yet challenged- a difficult balance to create. I felt very confident in her understanding of my issues. I have had lots of PT in the past. My experience at GPT was the best that I have had. I had over 15 sessions, each one was positive, and my arc of development was well explained and easy to follow. All of my scheduling was easy. I would definitely come back, I would recommend to others.”

- J.C., Teacher
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“I liked the environment of the clinic and the very individualized attention. Each session was thorough and free of interruptions, included a treatment plan for use at home, and an evaluation of current progress.”

- J.L., Audiologist
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“I felt the therapists really listened to me and worked with me to find the prescription that worked best for me and my goals. I have had really good results and my surgeon has been happily surprised by my progress. During the course of treatment, for my convenience I have seen two other therapists, Jasmine and Mike, and was very pleased with their treatment as well. The space is very comfortable and well equipped.”

- E.H., Administrator
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“Mike, the director, has assembled a top-notch team of physical therapists and front-desk staff. Everyone here is extremely friendly and helpful – for example, they email you PDF files with recommended exercises after sessions. I love this, since I can pull the file up on my phone no matter where I am and use it as a quick reminder of proper form for exercises. I’ve seen several of the PTs here and they are all warm, interesting people who know their stuff and are attentive to my concerns. I first came for treatment a couple of years ago, with extremely painful tendinitis in my ankle that cropped up 9 days before I was to run a half marathon. When I started PT, I couldn’t run for more than 30 seconds on a treadmill without horrible pain shooting up my leg. Not only was I able to run on race day, but I finished without pain and under my goal time! I credit Mike & Co. for rehabbing me in record time and for providing me guidance for how to prevent future injuries. I’m now dealing with another injury and again, they’re providing top-notch care.”

- M.H.
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“My therapist was very knowledgeable, professional, and considerate. I was especially impressed with her creativity in listening to what I was experiencing and then recommending specific exercises that addressed the discomfort I was having.
She was excellent at assessing specific pain or stiffness in my spine and treating it in our sessions. She was kind and supportive, always with a positive attitude and a smile. She was really wonderful to work with!
I saw Jasmine first, and she did a great job of assessing my problem and assigning exercises for me to do to start addressing it. She followed up with gentle and persuasive reminders that helped me keep with the program of exercises.”

- T.I., Psychotherapist
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“At the personal recommendation of a friend following a surgery to repair my damaged shoulder, I scheduled an appointment at Greenwood Physical Therapy given nothing more than a phone number. This was a rare moment of luck for me. I have now been treated by GPT for almost 9 months and the experience has been incredibly positive. Physical therapy is nothing new in my case but everything about GPT was completely different than anything I had previously experienced.
First, let me recognize that Mike Osaki, owner and therapist, has wisely surrounded himself with a spectacular group of talent. Each member of the staff brings so much to the experience; a true testament to their team. The staff’s competency, commitment, and genuine concern for my recuperation was evident and truly unprecedented from day one.
Adding to the great staff is a unique and comfortable therapy environment. The discrete nature of physical area provides each patient with an arena for health and recovery by utilizing private rooms in concert with a communal exercise area. This is something I had not experienced in other therapy environments before and it made a considerable difference in my comfort. Returning to normal following an injury or surgery is hard enough without feeling like your process is on public display. The environment at GPT is a vast improvement over other local facilities and, I believe, added greatly to the speed of my recovery.
Most important in any recuperation from injury or trauma is the care, course of treatment, and trusting relationship you have with your therapist. There are not words grand enough to express my regard and thanks for the care I have received. My therapist’s honest concern, compassion and steadfast commitment to returning me to form has been amazing. She has the obvious skills and technical knowledge necessary to bring your body back to function but it’s the intangible understanding of pain, emotion and mental angst associated with physical recovery that makes her something very special. She has garnered my deepest respect and highest praise.
Injury and recovery are not a welcome part of life but for some of us they are inevitable. I am confident that if I find myself in a similar situation again, and the chances are good, I will count on the team at Greenwood Physical Therapy to get me back to health. This organization is a fantastic asset to our community.”

- P.A., Business Development Director