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Check-in Process

Welcome to Virtual Physical Therapy at GPT

Prior to your appointment, please be sure to:

  1. Electronically sign the GPT Telemedicine Agreement sent via FormDr
  2. Once we receive your signed waiver, we will send you information and the link to start your appointment.

On the day of your scheduled appointment:

  1. Call the front desk 10 minutes before your appointment begins: 206-782-5789 (Greenwood), 206-388-2549 (Ravenna), 206-736-5880 (Lake City) to let them know you are ready to start your appointment.
  2. The front desk will collect any applicable co-pay over the phone and check you in.
  3. The front desk may also perform a functional scale test over the phone if it is required by your insurance.
  4. After the front desk has checked you in, you be directed to the “virtual waiting room” via Doxy where you will wait for your PT to begin your appointment.
  5. The appointment will be the same length as an in-person appointment 40-45 minutes.