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Giving Back

Support your health. Support your community.

Winter 2019

Every quarter, GPT donates a percentage of our proceeds to an organization selected by two members of our team. This quarter, Tohui Tarabocchia (Office Manager) and Molly Conway (physical therapist) have chosen Art with Heart to receive our support.


Tohui and Molly at GPT Greenwood

We chose the Art with Heart organization because it allows children the ability to express their emotions through art. For over 20 years, they have been using the healing power of art to help children in trauma or adversity to find peace.

At Greenwood Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of the restorative nature of physical therapy, much like the use of art therapy. Our physical-therapist developed activities aim at developing mobility, improving balance and coordination, and increasing daily activities. Though the means may be different, the ends are the same: Improving the lives of children through the use of therapy.

For more information about how you can support this organization, please visit: