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Giving Back

Support your health. Support your community.

Summer 2019

Every quarter, GPT donates a percentage of our proceeds to an organization selected by two members of our team. This quarter, Keely Myers (Patient Care Coordinator) and Sabrina Wyatt (physical therapist) have chosen Brain Injury Alliance Washington to receive our support.


Keely and Sabrina at GPT Greenwood

We choose Brain Injury Alliance of Washington because it was requested by a patient who has a family member that has suffered a TBI and has worked closely with this organization to help. Once looking at the organization ourselves we have been able to see so many great resources for their members to access and help with education. They offer diverse opportunities to provide their members and the public with awareness, education, and community building events. Being in the scope of physical therapy we are constantly providing our patients with sources for education and involvement to aid in their rehabilitation. We believe this organization holds many parallel interests and goals for their members, as we strive to improve the lives of every patient and return them to their highest functioning level possible.

For more information about how you can support this organization, please visit: