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Giving Back

Support your health. Support your community.

Fall 2018


Every quarter, GPT donates a percentage of our proceeds to an organization selected by two members of our team. This quarter, Emma Garcia (patient care coordinator) and Jeni Sepe (physical therapist) have chosen Old Dog Haven to receive our support.

Emma Garcia and Jeni Sepe

Old Dog Haven is a small, Western Washington based non-profit group that uses a large network of foster homes to take care of dogs that are 8 years or older. The purpose of this group is to provide loving homes to abandoned senior dogs who have an almost 0% chance of adoption in a shelter. Along with this, they also provide end of life care for dogs that are too frail or sick for adoption. Wouldn’t we all wish this for our own pets and for ourselves?

We chose this organization because so few of these elderly dogs are thought of or receive enough attention in such a large metropolitan area. We have both volunteered at dog adoption centers and have seen first hand how much older dogs are overlooked or forgotten. Old Dog Haven is one of the few groups that’s sole purpose is to specifically aid in care for these precious elderly doggos. Even if you don’t share our intense love for dogs, even the smallest contribution can help this organization in a big way.


For more information about how you can support this organization or donate directly please visit: Old Dog Haven